BLOG: Saying goodbye to the summer


It’s inevitable but it doesn’t get any easier does it? Even striding out to take on the day in a t-shirt, any rebellion ends at about 4pm when the outside temperature drop forces the emergence of a reluctantly packed cardigan or coat. Wearing the bare minimum, shorts, flip flops and vest tops, well into the night is a distant memory, as are images of another Ashes series win, Chris Froome and his Team Sky arm-in-arm along the Champs-Elysees, and the British and Irish Lions roaring down under.

But personally another amazing summer is drawing to its close. I celebrated my second anniversary with my girlfriend in the South of France this year, including a day trip to Monaco for the first time. Understandably, she was keener to take in the sun than any talk from me about ‘Portier’ or the famous tunnel of the Monte Carlo F1 track.
IMG_3341Then there was Wimbledon! I always feel so lucky to receive the BBC accreditation that gives us freedom of the All England Club, but little would any of us know that in 2013 we’d be treading its even more hallowed turf. Of course we always hope, but after 77 years of waiting for a British men’s singles winner you can’t blame us for a morsel of cynicism. (I’ll skirt over the fact I couldn’t share with the rest of the country and the tennis world the moment Andy Murray delivered one of THE sporting moments of our time because of a poorly timed train journey. I’ll get over it soon, I’m sure.)

Most recently I came back from a fortnight in the Far East, visiting friends in Singapore and Thailand. Only a few days after returning home I was on a plane again, this time to Portugal to celebrate a very good friend’s wedding in the Algarve. It happens so often, doesn’t it, that you have a holiday and quickly feel like you need another… Well after my back-to-back trips I really did feel like I ought to get back to the office. And even though I always look forward to going back to work, for me I knew it signified the end of a few great sun-drenched months.

On the plus side, the winter will bring with it another Ashes series as well as an Olympic fortnight in Russia. We’ll also soon find out if England can qualify for next summer’s football World Cup in Brazil, and we can all start dreaming of packing our boardies for Copacabana Beach. That’d be enough to warm your cockles over the winter months!!